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Common Use and Airport Management Systems

Common Use and Airport Management Systems

Common Use Systems and Integrated Airport Operation Management Systems (IAOMS)


The modern airport is a very complex place. With multiple concourses, ramps, flights, and airlines existing and operating on the same square patch of land, airport operators are beginning to see the need for systems that completely integrate day-to-day airport operations, landside and airside. This level of integration is necessary for airports to operate efficiently in today's congested and fast-paced environment.


Common use systems are traditionally considered as the agent-facing and passenger-facing check-in and boarding systems used to accommodate various airlines through the same check-in and gate locations.  However, with the greater focus on making the passenger journey "seamless,” the elements of common use have greatly expanded, with a seemingly endless process of introducing new technologies—all with the objectives of improving operational efficiencies and adapting to new business models.


IAOMS facilitate efficient surface management, integrated operational data, and profitable resource management including counter and gate allocation for common use gates, check-in counters, and bag claim units. These systems also provide for seasonal and data warehousing functions and have robust dashboard features for reporting of key statistical data.


Typical systems impacted by IAOMS implementation include:

  • Seasonal Scheduling
  • Resource Assignment
  • Day-to-day Operations
  • Departure Prioritization
  • Arrival/Departures
  • Flight Information Management and Display
  • Aeronautical Billing System
  • Forecasting (“What-If” Scenarios)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Common Use 
  • Airport Information Service Oriented Architecture / Data Broker
  • Airport Operational Data Base (AODB)


Considering the suite of products and the data architecture, the vision of seamless integration  is much higher than that of typical point-to-point system integration. Information is shared across systems with expected features and benefits such as:

  • Maximized and efficient use of airport assets in processing passengers
  • Complete picture of aircraft locations in the non-movement area in one system
  • Automated billing system integration
  • Situational awareness for security, operations, and administration 
  • Data sharing with other key operational systems
  • Key Performance Indicators and dashboard requirements
  • Effective resource allocation and management
  • Predicitve analytics


Our work with Common Use and IAOMS


As a leader in current and innovative technologies, Barich Inc. has supported the implementation of these systems in the following ways:

  • For the Airport Cooperative Research Program, we prepared ACRP Synthesis 8: Common Use Facilities and Equipment at Airports (2008) introducing airports and airlines to common use facilities and equipment. We then prepared ACRP Report 30: Reference Guide on Understanding Common Use at Airports (2010) assisting airports and airlines in understanding and evaluating the business case for integrating common use into operations
  • At San Francisco International Airport, we provided IAOMS planning and implementation oversight for the Terminal 2 and International Terminal enhancement.
  • At Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, we conducted a detailed study and assisted with IAOMS implementation in the new Terminal 3.
  • At Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Toronto Pearson International Airports, we assisted with the planning, procurement, and early design elements of an IAOMS solution.
  • At Viracopos International Airport, we assisted with the analysis and operational readiness activities, including performing training on a newly installed IAOMS
  • At San Diego International Airport, we provided common use business and IT systems planning.
  • For Oakland International Airport, we prepared a Common Use Assessment Report.
  • For applied research, we prepared the PARAS Report 0003 - Enhancing Communications and Collaboration Among Airport Stakeholders.
  • For the Albuquerque International Sunport, we did a common use study, infrastructure assessment, and provided project management and installations support.
  • For the T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island, we provided common use system consulting services.
  • At Hollywood Burbank Airport, we provided common use systems planning and design.
  • For the Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport, we provided common use system consulting services.
  • At Orlando International Airport, we recently completed the installation and testing of a comprehensive and integrated IAOMS. Prior to this, we performed a detailed market assessment and assisted the aviation authority with all elements of planning, programming, procurement, and joint application design. Also at Orlando, we are currently performing an industry assessment for common use self-service bag drop
  • At San Antonio International Airport, we conducted the planning and procurement elements for the suite of common use systems and are currently assisting with installation of these products.
  • At Palm Beach International Airport, we conducted the planning and procurement elements for the suite of common use and resource management applications.  We are currently providing project management support over the installation of the products
  • At Raleigh-Durham International Airport, we conducted the planning and procurement elements for the suite of common use systems. We are currently providing project management support over the installation of the products.
  • At Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport, we conducted an industry assessment of applications of use of common use systems.
  • At Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, we are currently assisting with a detailed market assessment of IAOMS and common use solutions.  Later this year, we will work with the Department in preparation of all procurement documents and performance of procurement activities.
  • For Key West International Airport, we are currently performing a common use conceptual design project. 


We at Barich, Inc. understand where business transformation needs to occur and are experts in aligning technology advancements with business objectives. With common use systems and IAOMS being among of these ever-advancing technologies, it is our role to understand and implement these systems as we continue our constant effort supporting innovation and efficiency in the aviation industry. 

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