Our Services

Our Services

Barich, Inc. is a Management Consulting firm providing leadership in strategic, business, and implementation solutions that satisfy unique and sometimes differing aviation stakeholder interests. We understand where business transformation needs to occur and are experts in aligning technology advancements with business objectives.  As a leader in offering strategic and business solutions to our clients, we have extensive knowledge and experience in providing Consulting Expertise and Business Analysis.  As a leader in providing implementation solutions, we offer the full spectrum of Program and Project Management services.


We further contribute to our industry by actively engaging with the Aviation associations that establish guidance and standards on a global basis.  In addition, we regularly publish research reports and are invited to participate at industry conferences to offer workshops and presentations. These engagements have consistently contributed to improving key business processes and developing best practices as well as furthering industry education and market outreach.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Today's businesses face ever increasing worldwide competition. Barich, Inc. management consulting services focus on our clients' business processes putting to light the most critical issues to identify opportunities through business transformation. As technology innovations allow external stakeholders to become increasingly embedded in the client's business, it becomes ever more crucial for decision-makers to understand who is affected by the decisions and actions they take, and who has the power to influence the outcome. We help our clients understand how to apply solutions, taking into account our client's and stakeholder needs, and using people based solutions that embrace state of the art technology. Our consultants bring forth a rich and diverse background of expertise to assist our clients in reaching their business visions. We invest significantly in our industry, helping to set guidance and standards, while also providing a focus on current trends and innovations. In providing management consulting services, we focus on a one to one specialized approach as each situation requires a specific approach unique to that organization. Barich, Inc. is able to bring consulting expertise in the areas of:

  • Business strategy
  • Passenger Processing
  • Information integration and consolidation
  • Organizational structure
  • Organizational process delivery
  • Development and sustained performance
  • Information Technology Planning and Sustainability


Major Project Highlights


City of Phoenix Aviation Department (Phoenix, AZ, USA) – Information Technology Master Planning


Since 2001, Barich Inc. and its predecessor using current Barich Inc. consultants have worked closely with the City of Phoenix Aviation Department to develop Information Technology Master Plans incorporating the future needs of a large metropolitan US airport.  During this timeframe, Barich consultants have prepared 3 versions of the PHX IT Master Plan and 1 IT Strategic Plan with the intention of improving the airport’s capabilities to enhance the overall passenger experience as travelers journey through the airport.  Information Technology Master plans lay out a technological roadmap for a five year period; establishing a program of technology implementation that provides support to the Aviation Department’s business objectives.  Through the years, the Aviation Department has made significant enhancements in their capability to meet technological challenges as the environment continually shifts. Barich Consulting brings to bear industry best practices, new and innovative approaches, applied research and experience gained from working with multiple airports in different regions to seed ideas in a manner that is aligned with the needs, goals, and resources of the City of Phoenix.


Greater Toronto Airport Authority (Toronto, CAN) - Airport Information Technology Subject Matter Expert


The Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) manages the Toronto-Pearson International Airport.  As part of the overall Airport Vision, the GTAA Information Technology Management group (ITM) was continuing to pursue its vision over the following 5 to 10 years is to transform the Airport into North America’s premier portal and to become a true global hub.  In achieving this vision, the GTAA conducted major project initiatives of better utilizing its common use strategy and replacing its existing Resource Allocation System, AODB, and Electronic Visual Information Display Systems. To help in achieving these initiatives, the GTAA reached out to Barich, Inc. for assistance through providing our Consulting Services.  Over the years, Barich, Inc. has built a strong reputation for providing common use based consulting services.  Since 1993, when the Principals of Barich, Inc. assisted in the planning and deployment of the nation’s first airport-wide domestic common use system at Las Vegas International Airport, we have provided consulting services in key strategic areas, including working with IATA in the Proof of Concept of CUPPS, writing ACRP Report 30 (“Common Use Guidebook”), and preparing common use strategic plans (such as our most recent work with the City of San Antonio Aviation Department). We are now engaged with ACRP in 2020 to prepare new common use guidance that accounts for the many changes since Report 30 and takes a much more comprehensive view of what "common use" entails at an airport. 


Along with our common use consulting services, Barich, Inc. is known for its expertise in Airport Management and Operational Data systems.  Through our research and membership with the ACI World IT Standing Committee, we have conducted case studies at numerous International Airports throughout the world, assisted in the writing of the Airport Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS) Practice for shared services, and helped our airport clients in the understanding and benefit of Airport/Surface Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) principals.  Working with the GTAA, we provided our consulting services in the planning and developing of the GTAA Common Use Business Case.  The GTAA used this Business Case to help justify their completed new deployment of common use throughout the airport.  We also provided our consulting services toward the planning of the GTAA’s new Operational Database model and Resource Allocation System.  In doing so, we helped to establish an understanding of best practices conducted across the globe, and ultimately preparing the recommendations for the new data modeling approach. 



Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Today’s businesses are striving to make their organizations more productive.  The Barich, Inc. Business Analysis team can help initiate and implement organizational change by helping to simplify the business process, add system automation or a combination of both.  Using industry best practice tools combined with each team member’s creative abilities to build productive relationships across organizations, our BA team can assist in defining business needs, streamlining business processes, and recommending business application solutions that will make any organization operate more effectively and efficiently. To that extent, we will work closely with every client’s stakeholders to complete these five critical business analysis activities:

  • Conducting a Business Needs Assessment;
  • Defining the appropriate Business Analysis Planning Approach;
  • Completing Requirements Elicitation and Analysis;
  • Communicating Requirements Traceability and Management;
  • Validating & Testing the Business Solution


Major Project Highlights


Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (Dorval, QC, Canada) - ADM Airport Management System


To meet the need of Aéroports de Montréal’s (ADM) to procure an integrated Airport Management Systems (AMS) for both its airports, Montréal-Trudeau (YUL) and Mirabel (YMX), Barich, Inc. was contracted to perform a variety of Business Analysis activities.  During Phase 1, these included eliciting and understanding internal business requirements, conducting industry research in regard to the trends in database modeling, preparing technical questions for an RFI package, as well as assisting with the analysis of the RFI responses. The purpose for the RFI was to solicit information and insight to assist ADM in understanding the opportunities and benefits of implementing an integrated AMS. We were then engaged in Phase 2 and assisted the client with the work activities necessary to procure the optimum AMS solution. Such work included the preparation of an RFP, including the development of the evaluation criteria. We also provided support services in regard to vendor procurement and conducted a technical evaluation of proposals to ensure continuity of requirements from Phase 1. 


City of Phoenix Aviation Department Parking Operations (Phoenix, AZ, USA) – New Accounts Receivable System


Barich Inc. currently supplies Business Analysis expertise under the Project Management Office.  This Business Analysis support was instrumental in helping the City of Phoenix replace the existing Parking Operations Accounts Receivable system.  The team was involved in each phase of the project, from project inception through post-production support.  Working closely with the City of Phoenix staff, a complete business needs assessment was identified to address the critical audit issues was identified and addressed.  This deliverable served as the basis for evaluating the different alternatives available to remediate the shortcomings of the existing accounts receivable system.  The Barich team worked extensively with the City of Phoenix, to conduct interviews leading to the creation of the Business Requirements Documents (BRD), Gap Analysis and Functional Specification Documents (FSD).  Barich staff maintained the BRD and FSD throughout the development cycle and also developed a data conversion document.  User Acceptance Testing was led by the Barich team and included the creation and management of test scripts, defect management logs and an end-to-end system test and validation.  Upon successful application acceptance testing, Barich staff provided daily support during production deployment and post-production oversight and training services.


San Diego International Airport (San Diego, CA, USA) - IT Asset Inventory


The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA) was created in 2001, by the California State Assembly, to manage the San Diego International Airport. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the use of IT systems by the Authority after more than a decade in its organizational maturity, the new IT Director enlisted the Business Analysis services of Barich, Inc. Through the use of Business Analysis tools and interviews with representatives from each Department, Barich, Inc. created an inventory of the IT systems in use throughout the organization and notable characteristics of each as well as created an illustration that shows the manner in which data flows between these systems. Using these two tools the SDCRAA will be able to identify system duplication and costs, staff inefficiencies and duplication of effort, information silos, as well as a number of other insights.



Project Management

Project Management

Today’s businesses often struggle trying to obtain value from their Program Management Office.  Barich project management services deliver increased efficiencies, lower costs, and better on-time delivery results because of our core expertise in the business systems we help manage.  Barich program management provides experts in their fields not only providing the elements needed for program and project management but also expertise in the very systems our consultants help manage.  Our staff consists of seasoned certified professionals able to work with and communicate with C-level management as well as the line organization.  We bring change management expertise along with the project management needed to execute a project within the expectations of the client.  Our team ensures a seamless start up while maintaining a smooth experience for the client. Barich PMO services strive not only to plan, manage, and execute the program but to serve as a business enhancer with our client’s organization by partnering with them to achieve their business objectives.


Barich, Inc. is able to bring consulting expertise in the areas of:

  • Manage the full project life cycle with a consistent project methodology
  • Utilize standardized processes and policies
  • Project Initiation and Planning
  • Project Procurement
  • Prepare and communicate detailed project work plans
  • Development of full project schedules outlining all key milestones
  • Perform Risk Analysis and Management, reducing project risks
  • Perform Stakeholder Management
  • Provide project tracking and reporting of key project indicators
  • Manage and Control the project scope while keeping to the project budget
  • Performing project coordination and administration


Major Project Highlights 


City of Phoenix Aviation Department – Project Management Office


Since 2000, the Barich, Inc. on-site project management team has either been part of or in charge of the Phoenix Sky Harbor project management office.  Our project management team has implemented over 50 technology-based projects for all divisions at PHX.  These projects are considered state-of-the-art for an airport.  Our portfolio of success includes the largest GIS program in the U.S., the mobilization of an SAP work order system, the modernization of the airport information and paging system, the conversion of facilities to common use, and many others.


San Antonio International Airport IT Infrastructure Modernization Project


The Barich, Inc. project management team was a part of the construction oversight in support of the existing Terminal A renovations to construct a modern telecommunications infrastructure with a new core room and telecommunications rooms to support future IT initiatives throughout Terminal A and across the Airport for years to come. Working hand-in-hand with the Airport’s Planning and Engineering Department, our project management efforts were fundamental during project initiation & planning through stakeholder management, as well as during project execution, monitoring, and close.


Hollywood Burbank Airport (Previously Bob Hope Airport), Terminal Common Use Implementation


Barich, Inc.'s project management efforts were utilized to successfully implement the airport-wide common use system at the Bob Hope International Airport. This project included a significant amount of construction where we were able to incorporate our project management expertise and experience with construction projects along with our project management experience in system implementations. 

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