Publications - “Airport IT: Enabler of the long-term vision or i

“Airport IT: Enabler of the long-term vision or insurmountable obstacle?” by Justin Phy. Journal of Airport Management, Vol. 9(1), Winter 2014-2015

“Airport IT: Enabler of the long-term vision or insurmountable o

The fast pace of technology development, coupled with the unique requirements of an airport, make it difficult for an airport operator to ensure that investments made in technology provide the greatest possible return toward the long-term vision. Frequently, decisions are made based on assumptions formed from limited data and anecdotal evidence of peer airports, resulting in outcomes that do not meet stakeholder needs. In fact, alignment with the business needs of the airport is often an afterthought, as many airport operators do not appreciate which solutions can be effective in the current technology environment of the airport. Airport operators can be highly successful in leveraging technology to accomplish their long-term strategy through a systematic approach to understanding needs, evaluating opportunities, and providing governance.

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