Publications - “Enhancing the Passenger Experience through an In

“Enhancing the Passenger Experience through an Integrated Approach to Self-Service Opportunities” by Frank Barich, Leslie Ruiz, and Jim Miller. Practice paper, Journal of Airport Management, Vol. 10(1), Winter 2015-16.

“Enhancing the Passenger Experience through an Integrated Approa

The aviation industry continues to rapidly adopt passenger self-service functions, but largely in a case-by-case manner, without regard to the benefits of information sharing and integration across the entire passenger journey. This White Paper provides a focus to the airport operator, airline, and key airport stakeholders in improving the passenger’s journey through the entire air-travel experience. It specifically presents the requirements for, and benefits of, a well-established integrated passenger self-services program (IPSSP). In discussing the passenger processing challenges, this White Paper presents a concise method for establishing an airport wide IPSSP. Emphasis is given in the later portion on the analysis of passenger services across all process areas of an airport. The readers will have a better understanding of how an airport operator and its stakeholders can improve the offering of passenger self-services, through the establishment of an IPSSP. Key benefits to an IPSSP are greatly: enhancing the overall passenger experience, improving passenger flow, and providing additional commercial opportunities for the airport operator and its other customers – especially airlines and concessionaires.

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