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As a Management Consulting firm, Barich, Inc. understands where business transformation occurs.  This insight is the essential component in our approach to assisting our clients in the achievement of their vision. The success of our projects is ensured through a combination of our broad experience & knowledge in the areas of consulting, business analysis, and project management as well as our standards for exceptional quality and integrity.  Our highly accomplished team members have the necessary skills and expertise to solve our clients’ most critical challenges. We have a consistent and growing track-record of satisfied clients who retain our services as their trusted advisor.


In addition to the following projects (listed by project location), we provide ongoing leadership through participation in working groups, steering committees, and research panels, as well as the development of reference guidebooks and journal articles that support advancements throughout the industry.

Aeroports de Montreal

Aeroports de Montreal

Airport Management System RFI

We led the effort in conducting various business analysis services in preparation for the AMS Request for Information (RFI) package, as well as assisted with the analysis of RFI responses.

Integrated Airport Management System (AMS) Procurement

We engaged in various activities to assist our client in procuring the optimum AMS solution that meets the previously identified system and business requirements. Work included preparing the technical portions of the Request for Proposal (RFP) and participating in technical reviews of Vendor responses.

Albuquerque International Sunport

Albuquerque International Sunport

Common Use Study & Infrastructure Assessment

We conducted a Common Use Study and IT Infrastructure Assessment to evaluate the options available to the Airport given their unique needs and investment criteria.

Wireless & Network Study

We conducted a Wireless and Network Study of the IT environment, as well as a cost benefit analysis, to provide further guidance for deployment of IT connectivity to achieve the Airport's desired flexibility and operational efficiencies. 

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Time Keeping System Analysis

We documented and analyzed the maintenance department's current process for timekeeping and provided a report summarizing the options available for increased efficiency and ease of use. 

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Information Technology Consulting and Program Management Services

Integrated Operations Center Consulting Services

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Gate Management System Review

We reviewed the GMS Replacement Business Requirements and helped the client to present a RFP document that reflected the role a GMS could play in the holistic operation of the airport.

Hollywood Burbank Airport

Hollywood Burbank Airport

Access Control System Review

Airport IT Consulting Support

Common Use Systems Planning and Design

Consulting Support for Disaster Recovery Planning

Network Staff Augmentation Support

Project Management & Installations Support for Common Use System

Key West International Airport

Key West International Airport

Common Use Conceptual Design

Louisville International Airport

Louisville International Airport

IT Strategic Plan Development

We contributed to strategically aligning the airport's technology program with the long-term business objectives in order to enable the airport to maximize the value of technology investments through increased operational efficiency and reduced risk. 

Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport

Common Use and Resource Management Industry Assessment Report

Oakland International Airport

Oakland International Airport

Common Use Assessment Report

We developed an Common Use Assessment Report for use by the Aviation IT Department. The purpose of this report was to identify next-step recommendations for consideration and use by the IT Department in preparation for the development of an RFP for the upgrade of the existing Common Use system.

Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

Airport IT and Data Assessment

We provided technical expertise and assistances towards the analysis, planning, and establishment of an improved data sharing model.

North Terminal Complex: IT On-Call Services (Consulting, Project Management, and Business Analysis Services)
  • Common Use Self-Service Bag Drop Industry Assessment & Self Service Bag Drop Pilot
  • Research and Concept Development for Innovation / Transformational Technologies
  • IT Program Support Services for the South Terminal Complex Operational Readiness
  • Data Analytics and Reporting Business Case Development and Planning
  • Resource Management System, Airport Operational Database, and Data Integration Planning, Design, and Implementation
  • Various IT program project initiatives – project management

South Terminal C, Phase 1

We were selected as part of the Information Technology Design Team for the design of the Orlando International Airport South Terminal Complex, recently completing Phase 1 design.

South Terminal Complex Phase 1 / 1x - On-Site Construction Administration Services for common use and passenger processing systems

South Terminal Complex Phase 1 / 1x - Virtual Ramp Control System Planning, Procurement, and Implementation Consulting Support and Subject Matter Expe

Palm Beach International Airport

Palm Beach International Airport

Common Use Business Case Development and RFP Preparation Consultant Services

We provided consulting support in preparing a common use Business Case as a basis for the development of an RFP package. It included a detailed assessment of business objectives/requirements and existing conditions, a set of recommendations for the implementation strategy, and a cost analysis.

Common Use System Implementation and Program Management

We provided Program Management support services throughout the design and implementation phase to assist with vendor evaluations and Common Use system implementation oversight.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Collaborative Decision Making Software Implementation

Command Center Study - Phase 1

Common Use Self-Service Kiosks Implementation

Common Use Systems Replacement

Consolidated Aviation Training Portal

Consolidated Infrastructure - Network Remediation

Desktop Modernization

Distributed File System Refinement

Early Bag Check

GT Driver Replacement

IT Risk Assessment

Mobile Work Order Dispatch

Network Infrastructure Improvements

Operations Security Portal

Parking Guidance System Signs

Parking Revenue & Control AR Module

PTI/3DAAP Software Procurement

Safety Management System

T1 Area Projects

UPS Inventory / Preventative Maintenance - Phase II

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Common Use System Replacement Phase -1

We defined the technical and functional requirements, supported the development of the RFP package, and assisted in the solicitation efforts to procure the replacement Common Use system.

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Common Use Terminal Operations Planning, Consulting, and Program Management

San Antonio International Airport

San Antonio International Airport

Common Use Assessment

We conducted this Assessment, which provided a methodical breakdown of the existing facility utilization and developed simulation models for multiple different design scenarios through 2020, based on current flight data and realistic forecasts.

Common Use Business Planning and Consulting

Common Use Implementation Feasibility Study

We provided consulting services to the Operations Division to develop a Feasibility Study for the Implementation of Common Use at the San Antonio International Airport.  The Study assessed the costs, benefits, impacts, and risks of various scenarios and provided direction on a program best aligned with the Aviation Department's Business Objectives.

IT and Security On-Call Consulting Services

We held a 5-year contract to provide consulting support to the Aviation Department on an as-needed basis for IT and Security related projects.

IT Infrastructure Modernization - Construction Administration

We provided the Construction Administration for the project through completion, while leading a multi-disciplinary team of architectural, structural, civil, electrical, mechanical, and telecommunications designers.

IT Infrastructure Modernization – Design for Terminal A and Outside Plant Infrastructure

We performed project management, strategic planning, design coordination, and QA/QC services for this project to improve the communications infrastructure.  

IT Project Prioritization & Business Plan

We developed a 3-year IT Business Plan which defined IT priorities in support of planned airport projects and enabled SAT to plan for and apply technology resources in a systematic manner, thereby saving valuable time and effort on critical projects.

Shared Tenant Services Feasibility Study

We conducted this study, which included the consideration of the Aviation Department's owned passive and active infrastructure as well as telephone and Internet as potential services to the tenants at both the San Antonio International Airport and Stinson Airport (Stinson).

Terminal A Modernization

We provided design review and Implementation oversight services for a FIDS system replacement as part of the Terminal A Modernization Program.

San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport

Common Use Action Committee - Panel Member

We provided panel member services on the SAN Common Use Action Committee.  The purpose of this Committee was to provide a forum for discussion among the airports, airlines, and those with CUPPS industry expertise in order to facilitate the exchange of information relative to CUPPS implementations.

Common Use Business and IT Systems Planning

We conducted a detailed business and operational analyses in support of the Common Use Action Committee’s direction and goals to help produce the Authority's business case regarding the development and implementation of the long-term strategy for common use at the Airport.

IT Strategic Plan and Detailed Implementation Plan Development

SAN IT Asset Inventory

We created an inventory of the IT systems in use throughout the organization as well as a data flow diagram illustrating what kind of and how data flows between these systems. Using these two tools the SDCRAA will be able to identify, among others, system duplication and costs, staff inefficiencies and duplication of effort, and information silos.

Terminal 2 (Westside) - 90% / 100% Design Reviews

We conducted, as a third-party contractor, the 90% and 100% design reviews for SAN's Terminal 2 expansion project. The reviews included multiple security and special systems associated with the terminal and its curb.

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

Automated Vehicle Identification Request for Proposal Development

We defined the requirements, prepared process maps, and developed the RFP to procure the new AVI system and solutions provider.

International Terminal - Installation and Testing Oversight

We provided oversight for testing and installation of the upgraded Flight Information Display systems in the International Terminal.

On-Call PM Services

Sub-contracted to the Allen Group, we have provided on-call PM Services. 

Terminal 1 - Master Architect Services – IT Planning

As part of the Master Architect Team, we provided IT Specials Systems Consulting Services toward the redevelopment plans for SFO Terminal 1. 

Terminal 2 - Boarding Area D - Design Narrative

We completed various consulting & documentation development services relating to the Design Narrative for SFO’s Terminal 2 – Boarding Area D – Renovation project.

Terminal 2 - Boarding Area D - Special Systems Installation - Master Test Plan Execution

We performed test coordination and oversight of the Passive Infrastructure, Airport Operations, and Visual Paging systems implementation of the Terminal 2 - Boarding Area D renovation project.

Terminal 2 - Boarding Area D - Special Systems Installation, Master Test Plan

We provided the resources to deliver a comprehensive and concise test management program and developed the Special Systems Master Test Plan for SFO’s Terminal 2 – Boarding Area D – Renovation project.

T. F. Green Airport

T. F. Green Airport

Common Use Consulting

We developed a Request for Proposals and provided procurement support.

Toronto-Pearson International Airport

Toronto-Pearson International Airport

Common Use Business Case Development and RFP Preparation Consultant Services

We provided consulting support in preparing a common use Business Case as a basis for the development of an RFP package. This included assessment of business objectives/requirements, recommendations for the implementation strategy, and a cost analysis.

Common Use System Implementation and Program Management

We provided Common Use Program Management support services throughout the design and implementation phase to assist with vendor evaluations and CU system implementation oversight.

Resource Allocation System & EVIDS Replacement

We provided SME consulting services in support of replacing the Resource Allocation System and the Electronic Visual Display System.

RFP Package and Data Flow Diagram & User Stories

We completed the development of an RFP, a comprehensive Data Flow Diagram and User Stories as a basis for the scope for the upcoming Resource System Replacement project.

Tucson International Airport

Tucson International Airport

IT Master Plan Update Development

We developed a comprehensive airport-wide IT Master Plan Update, with a special emphasis on disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) issues as well as business process improvements.

Viracopos International Airport

Viracopos International Airport

Airport Technology Assessment and Training

We conducted a Discovery effort with airport management and staff, to learn of any technology related challenges with Phase 1 or subsequent Terminal phase startups. We also provided training and transition support services for the new RMS products.

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

IT Staffing Requirements and Long Term Planning

We reviewed (a) new infrastructure and systems, (b) current roles and responsibilities, (c) the Authority's business objectives, as well as considered IT requirements (staffing and tools) needed to provide front line support, and back office and infrastructure work. Work resulted in a detailed requirements report. 

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